Media Mentions

The campaign has garnered some media attention since it began at the end of May 2018.

Please find links to the media mentions, in descending date order below:


Evesham Journal – 16th July 2022

Worcester News – 16th July 2022


Bristol Live – 14th September 2020

Manchester Evening News – 20th December 2019

Evesham Journal – 2nd October 2019

Worcester News – 21st September 2019

BBC Music Introducing Hereford & Worcester – 8th September 2019

BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio – 6th September 2019

Russia Today – 20 July 2019

Worcester News – 5th March 2019

BBC Radio Gloucestershire – 29th January 2019

I was the Radio during Jon Smith’s evening, talking about the campaign, the VibeVan and the mental health awareness in general. I also shared some of my own personal story, including my battles with mental health and how it cost me my career in financial services in London.

I explain how I overcame my mental heath struggles and used them to empower me to forge a new path in life. By sharing my story and experiences, I endeavour to help others overcome their mental health struggles, whilst also campaigning for positive change to UK mental healthcare. I mention I have set up a separate community interest company which will work towards this goal.

The interview was recorded earlier in the afternoon and formatted as if I was a guest announcer with Jon Smith on the evening show between 7pm and 10pm. His show can be found here:

Jon was keen for me to keep him updated on developments with the campaign so he can feature it again on his show.

Gloucestershire Live – 2nd November 2018

Punchline Gloucester – 2nd November 2018

Gloucestershire Live – 2nd November 2018

The Guardian/ Observer – 28th October 2018

Gloucestershire Live – 20th October 2018

Gloucestershire Live – 13th August 2018

Somerset Live – 25th July 2018

Evesham Journal – 25th July 2018

Gloucestershire Live – July 11th 2018