Welcome to VibeSpace Mental Health

This is the new rebranded name for an award winning mental health awareness campaign that used to be called “Chan-Dog’s VibeVan” which began in May 2018 and has been featured in the following media outlets:

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The campaign had to be rebranded due to the VibeVan (pictured above) sadly becoming unsustainable, so was sold for spares and repairs needing a new engine in summer 2021.

However, the campaign has taken off in a new and exciting direction with the launch of the VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast, the VibeSpace Workshop the theme for both is to explore creativity as a means of overcoming our mental health struggles.

I have also launched a mobile disco service called the “VibeSpace JukeBox” too, where I can bring myself and the famous VibeSpace 1500W sound system and lighting to inject some positive vibes and music into a celebration you’re holding, of course you can be rest assured that the fee you pay helps to keep this important mental health awareness campaign on the road.

To enquire about any of the above services please send me a message using the form below:

My activities to date can be found on social media with (#CDVibeVan on Facebook and Instagram) and #VibeSpaceMH for the new rebranded content.

The goal of the campaign is to to spread peace, love and positive vibes and mental health awareness by connecting to people and was born out of my own personal struggle with mental health. I am now seeking to achieve a positive outcome to a wholly turbulent and traumatic period of my life, where I struggled with a mental breakdown and bipolar for around 3.5 years.

I’m on an ongoing recovery journey and the campaign is a platform to share my story to offer hope, inspiration and support to those who are struggling with their mental health.

I invite you to view the VibeVan campaign promo video below; which was shot when I was campaigning outside parliament on 29th August 2020, staging a mental health awareness music protest:

A new one will be shot, when I have the necessary campaign equipment.

For further information and to follow the campaign; please search for #CDVibeVan and #VibeSpaceMH on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Thanks for reading, may peace, love and positive vibes be with you.