The VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast centres around exploring creativity as a way of overcoming our mental health struggles.

Expect interviews, inspiring stories, music, poetry and strong language. It’s going to be real, raw and an absolute must listen!

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May I also invite you to check out Episode number 4 of the VibeSpace Mental Health podcast, which is hosted on Spotify:

Please feel free to share it to anybody (and everyone) you know, as it’s free information which will help people by equipping them with the tools, #selfcarestrategies and techniques to overcome #trauma and achieve positive #mentalwellbeing in life!

The conversation is so comprehensive, in just 2 hours, listeners are equipped with free, life-changing, transformational information backed by expert research in the field of psychology and psychiatry.

We cover the groundbreaking study spearheaded by Joanna Moncrieff, a professor of psychiatry at University College London and consultant psychiatrist at North East London NHS foundation trust stating that there’s little concrete evidence to support the theory that low serotonin causes depression too!

Listeners will then be able to embark on a path of self-empowerment, giving them the confidence and the ability to expand their role, or department within your organisation and most importantly, to achieve #positivechange in all aspects of their lives.

To make the best use of this transformational experience, we recommend listeners have a pen and paper to hand to take notes and then practice consistently what they learn!

If you’d like to be on the show, please fill in the form below and reach out to me, so we can discuss co-creating an episode further.