Other Campaign Videos

This is a short observational documentary filmed by “Emma Cheung” who was a film student from UCL.

I met her when I was campaigning outside parliament and was peddling the infamous Donald Trump toilet paper to raise fund for the campaign. We got talking and she asked if could follow me around for a couple of days and film, then use the footage as part of her degree. I of course agreed on the proviso I could use the film for my campaign.

“Make Toilet Paper Great Again” was the resultant film.

There was lots of footage that Emma shot which didn’t make the final cut, but was on location at numerous landmarks around London.

I thought I could do something with it and asked for the footage. She obliged, so I cut it together and played “Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name of” over the top of it.

I parked the VibeVan outside parliament and set up the campaign banner and some art to stage a mental health awareness music protest. The police came down early on and spoke to me.

I also parked the VibeVan outside Buckingham Palace with the intention to stage a mental health awareness music protest; the police came down and spoke to me and informed me that I was in a “no stopping zone” so I had to move on, I then went to parliament the following morning.

When I was in Cheltenham one evening, I witnessed a homeless man and his dog be attacked by a gang of drunken youths. I chased the attackers off and asked for his consent to film this VLOG about the experience.

I had a stall at the Midsummer Fiesta in Cheltenham, which led to the first media mention, this is the footage I shot down at that stall.

The Samaritans agreed to give me some of their promo materials to give out to people when I was out and about on the campaign trail. They helped me a lot when I was going through my mental health struggles, so this was my way of giving back to them.