Sparkle For Mental Health Awareness

“Sparkle for mental health awareness” is a community outreach and fundraising campaign, where I have conversations with people I meet at out and about at festivals, Pride events and soon, out in the street about mental health.

Mental illness is an invisible struggle and people often find themselves isolated and suffering in silence.

Therefore in decorating someone in glitter, it creates a visual representation of our conversation about mental health and creates a conversation starter for everyone that the person interacts with for the remainder of the day, thus spreading the message of mental health awareness far and wide.

All participants are asked for consent prior to taking me photos and are asked for permission to use the photo for the campaign’s platform, for participants under the age of 16, I ask for their parents consent and ask if they could be present in the photo too, for safeguarding reasons, any photos the participants, or people they’re with take, I encourage them to share on social media platforms with #sparkle4mha.

This will continue spreading the message online.

The following galleries are images I’ve captured from the community outreach campaign.

Derby Pride 2022

Birmingham Pride 2022