Here’s a selection of positive feedback I’ve received since starting Chan-Dog’s VibeVan and peer to peer support group from members of the community:

“Great guy with great ideas” – Justin P

“Legend, keep up the hard work!!” – Lukeey C

“Thankyou Chan-Dog for your help today, I will take your strategies and ideas on board. I know what I need to do and your kind words and motivation have spurred me on.” – Melanie C

“Just seen the VibeVan driving round Cheltenham. Positive vibes people. Keep spreading peace and love Chan-Dog” – Stuart O

“Wonderful, warm, knowledgeable and supportive. A truly decent and inspirational person.” – John K

“Hello!! You delivered my food the other day and your van completely made everyone in my house’s day. We just wanted to ley you know that what you’re doing is amazing and inspiring!” – Connie M

“Saw your van for the 1st time last night in the bath road and was moved to find out more about you. The world needs more people like you bringing awareness to mental health. I have suffered for 12 years from mental illness but finally in the last 2 years have overcome everything and am happy, seeing your van made me smile and know that people who are suffering have amazing people like you who care. Keep up your work sending my love to you Lisa xxxx” – Lisa W