VLOG Episodes

Since the COVID pandemic has led to a lot of isolation and closures of spaces where people can come together, I decided I had to up my game and develop my online presence. I learned some new video editing skills and launched a long format VLOG/ podcast type series called “Chat With Chan-Dog.”

Please have a watch of all the episodes I have released to date, where I cover a variety of topics.

Pilot Episode – “Release the Pressure”

This was the fist long format video I created. I speak about the build up of pressure, caused by stress and include the track “Release The Pressure” by Leftfield.

Episode 1 – “Loving Kindness Meditation”

In this film I talk about meditation, specifically loving kindness meditation. Audience participation is recommended, so please listen in to the 10 minute guided meditation session.

Episode 2 – “A Camp Camp-Out”

Chan-Dog goes camping in the Forest of Dean with a guy he was dating at the time. Fun times were had, music, campfires, BBQ, bike riding, we even met a family of wild boar!

It’s important to get out into nature, to help you find harmony and balance within yourself and achieve positive mental wellbeing.

Episode 3 – “My views on the current circumstances affecting us in 2020.

Chan-Dog shares his thoughts and views on the COVID-19 situation and the establishments reaction to it and the grave implications they have on us all.

Episode 4 – “Parliament Party Protest”

Chan-Dog, a small team of activists, a gazebo, 1500W soundsystem and a security team occupied Old Palace Yard opposite Parliament on the 29th August 2020 to stage a mental health awareness music protest. This film captures events of the day.

Episode 5 – Pride in Gloucester – Event Report.

This is the official VibeSpace Mental Health post event video report from Gloucester Pride.

It includes an all important interview with the Samaritans where I share my story with them about my suicide attempts and give gratitude to them for saving my life.

I invite you to please watch this important film on YouTube below.