Enjoy the benefits of becoming a VibeSpace Mental Health Campaign Sponsor.

Participating in this opportunity to be the campaign as a sponsor and help us bring about a positive change revolution to U.K. mental healthcare will help us raise the much needed funds to cover the current operational costs which have mostly soley been funded by the founder to the tune of £15,000 from their life savings and any additional revenue generated by doing deliveries and street-fundraising over the last 4 years has all been ploughed into keeping this show on the road, which has been circa £20,000 per annum.

Now the campaign has swelled to a reach of 11,500 online connections to the founder across all of their social media platforms, the campaign is now proving much to big to manage alone, hence we need to raise funds for additional infrastructure, marketing materials and upcoming expansion costs.

We have some really exciting projects we are working on behind the scenes, that we cannot wait to share with you all and even invite you to play a part in co-creating!

I am also hoping to kit the campaign tour van (Faerie Play Zone) out for being on the road during the winter and to make it a mobile, musical advert for the campaign, like the “VibeVan” was.

Imagine, a van so magical, it fires rainbows out of the roof!

Your kind and generous donations will help take the VibeSpace Mental Health to the next level, so we can actively help people in the community with their mental health at music events all over the U.K.

In the interests of transparency, a breakdown of what the campaign needs to secure funding for is available upon request.

To support the VibeSpace Mental Health and it’s mission, we invite you to make a donation using the form below:

Depending on how much you can contribute, there are some exciting perks to becoming a VibeSpace Mental Health Campaign Sponsor for you to enjoy too!


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Your contribution to VibeSpace Mental Health is greatly appreciated.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.




Including: free gig/ event tickets, guest-list, back-stage passes, even VIP! Free eBooks, free “positive pin” badges delivered to your door each month, free “glitter faerie treatments” at our events (read the #sparkle4mha page for more info), among other tokens of our appreciation and gratitude thrown into the mix, to sweeten the deal!

The mission statement is and always has been since the inception of the campaign in 2018, was bring about a “positive change revolution to U.K. mental healthcare.”

It’s big goal, but we’re making solid progress and with a little help for wonderful people like yourself, we can manifest this vision into reality! ✨

All donations, great or small are received with gratitude; with recurring donations helping to secure the future of VibeSpace Mental Health and the essential services we provide for years to come.

Just to make you aware, VibeSpace Mental Health is not a charity, nor will it ever will be, they are too complicated, with too much bureaucracy and red type to comply with, which will cause the founder (a sufferer of bipolar) stress, which affects their stability.

VibeSpace Mental Health is a business, whose profits will be invested in helping people who are struggling with their mental health and transforming communities in which we operate for years to come.

Thank you for reading and the new connection, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Have an empowering day! 

May peace, love and positive vibes be with you.