Staff Party Organisation Service

VibeSpace Mental Health has scouted a lot of talent at various festivals and pride events we have toured since starting the campaign back in 2018. This has been a necessary endeavour, as the end goal of the campaign is to set up music events, with free to user onsite mental health support. 

This means that all our talent have been scouted, handpicked, vetted and have been experienced in person, by the founder to ensure that they are up to the high levels of quality VibeSpace Mental Health looks for in up and coming talent, then we add them to our database, so we can offer services such as this to you.

There are many benefits to your organisation, in outsourcing organisation of your staff party, including saving you time, money and the hassle of having to trawl around endless talent databases, venues, which add to your stress levels, as staff party season draws closer.

It is a well researched and known fact that stress is a contributing factor in a decline in mental wellbeing. This is why VibeSpace Mental Health seeks to offer you solutions to all possible problems you and your employees may encounter in the workplace, meaning that organisations that partner with us can be at the forefront of employee welfare. 

Recruitment and retention of employees will then no longer be a challenge, or a cause of stress or concern. This will in turn will improve issues organisations encounter when they find themselves short staffed, an issue that I’m sure you’re well aware of, many of organisations experience.

Here’s one example, of the many acts in our portfolio, this one forms part of our LGBTQ+ inclusivity talent, behold!

Beau Visage ~ Female impersonator extraordinaire!

Stage credits include:

– Manchester’s Gay village 

– The Birdcage

– Talk of the town

– Music Hall Tavern

Which are four of the world’s biggest and best known drag cabaret venues! 

With 20 years performing experience and over a decade in international drag shows, Beau Visage will blow you away with their stage presence, talent and amaze you and your staff making your Christmas party one to remember for years to come!

It will of course, most importantly show your employees the appreciation they deserve for all their hard work throughout the year, thus increasing their morale.

For organisations on a budget, we can offer a “VibeSpace Jukebox” service, which you can read about on the dedicated page of this website.

If you wish to discuss the above value propositions further, please respond ASAP including a time and date using the form below:

That way, we can set about co-creating a bespoke morale boosting solution, or staff party package for you, as we foresee this service being a popular one!

Thanks so much for reading, we look forward to your enquiry.