What is Mental Health?

Mental health is equally as important, if not more important than physical health, as poor mental health often leads to poor physical health so should be focused on preserving to avoid manifesting themselves physically into a persons life. This can happen through poor decision making, diet, even self harm and neglect which can lead to physical health problems.

Mental health is essentially positive psychological wellbeing and “having good mental health” can be defined as having the absence of mental health issues, or mental health problems.

What mental health is the emotional and spiritual resilience that allows us to gain the most fulfilment and enjoyment from life and allows us to deal with negative life events.

It is a positive sense of wellbeing and self belief and belief in others dignity and worth.

Mental health has a direct impact on how we think and feel about not only ourselves, but others as well and can affect peoples perceptions of events that occur in ones life.

It affects our ability to learn, interact with others and as humans are inherently social creatures; our ability to form and sustain bonds and relationships with others, also importantly have the strength to cease negative relationships.

Having positive mental health and wellbeing affects our capability to cope with the transient and temporary nature of life and any big life changes as they occur, i.e. work, babies, where you live and loss/ bereavement.

Positive mental health also gives a person the ability to realise their worth and fulfil their potential and make positive contributions in their lives to society.

It affects the very fabric of ones existence and ones ability to live happy lives, thus it is imperative that a person strives to maintain their mental health and look after themselves and if necessary take time out to refocus and heal when things get tough in a persons life.

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