Meet my Therapist.

That’s just a blanket and some hills I hear you say!

I’d like to elaborate a little bit deeper; you can’t just go out and expect to find the therapy you seek, I’ve learned that have to go within and create it, nature is just a great place to do it.

I’ve also, after the last two years, I’ve stepped into my power a lot more and come to realise that I am a sovereign being and know what’s best for my well-being, so why should I outsource this to someone I’ve never met, who has no idea who I am.

I shouldn’t, I have learned that all of the tools within me. How I have I learned this? Because I’ve been taught by my partner, whom I’m eternally thankful for.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been putting it into practice though, which is the root cause of the problem how I let stress get the better of me causing me to express an outburst of anger towards him. Which I’m truly remorseful of, but has been the catalyst for me to embark on this journey of inner work to avert it happening again.

Beau focuses on this transformative work at Be Luminous, starting with a life story, specifically identifying trauma you’ve experienced.

He will then guide you to connect to your inner child, intuition and soul essence, holding the space for you to go within and ask questions to find out what your trauma is and what is needed to integrate it.

So using the principles I’ve learned from him, I’ve set about identifying the following:

  • What my trauma is
  • What my triggers are (what makes me angry or upset)
  • Where I feel these things in my body

I’m still very new to this self work, it does take practice, so I used a guided meditation to help me, as he is working away, so couldn’t approach him for guidance.

Essentially, I began with a short grounding exercise, finding a nice spot under a tree to lay my picnic blanket, sat down and got comfortable.

I then set the intention that I wish to replace the following emotions, as below:

  • Anger with Love
  • Fear with Courage
  • Guilt with Freedom 
  • Shame with Pride
  • Worry with Peace
  • Judgement with Acceptance 

I also set the intention, that I was to let go of people, places and situations that had negatively affected me in life and visualise cutting the cords with them.

I then closed my eyes and embarked on visualisation exercise, scanning my body see where I’m holding on to painful emotions.

I found that mine lies within my forehead and temple areas of my head and in my right knee. Incidentally, I also carry scars on these areas, from injuries I’ve sustained during periods of instability, where I’ve lost control.

When I came to this realisation, I began to cry; almost as if I’d unlocked the floodgate to a lifetimes worth of pent up emotion, that I’ve bottled up over the years.

In the past, I found it very difficult to cry, but it’s an important tool that the human body has to heal its self and release emotions. 

Through my life experience, I’m well aware that trapped emotions only ever leads to volatility, anger, resentment, depression, which if left unchecked leads to self destruction, which of course I want to avert repeating again at all costs, as I nearly didn’t make it out alive…

In the next blog post I’m going to share a bit more about my story, what triggers I’ve identified and what has caused them, so please check back tomorrow for a further update!

If you would like to find out more and learn to do this transformative inner work yourself and would like some coaching, please head over and reach out to Beau from Be Luminous on the dedicated page on this site here.

Thanks for reading, may peace love and positive vibes be with you! 

Have an inspiring day!

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