Malvern Pride Gratitude

Wow, what a truly beautiful end to the week, which began with me sharing about my recent #mentalhealthstruggle I’d been experiencing, as someone with #bipolar.

It followed my journey, into the #shadow aspects of myself, specifically, talking about #triggers, what I’d learned and embarked on to help overcome these, with the aim of bringing a positive outcome from something negative.

My intention in being so open and vulnerable about my mental health is to offer hope and inspiration to others that they can do the same, which will lead to a great sense of empowerment.

This has culminated in a truly beautiful day yesterday at Malvern Pride, so this post is dedicated to you!

I’d like to extend a huge heartfelt thank you, for putting on such a wonderful community centric event for the #lgbtq people of Malvern and their #straightallies.

I’d like to give gratitude to the committee, organisers and volunteers,
to Malvern Hills District Council, to all the performers and stallholders, the fabulous headline act Amrick Channa (was great to see you again, having loads of the crowd on stage at the end was a highlight).

Also thanks to the The Water Cure for allowing me to make people sparkle in your beautiful venue at the afterparty, which helps me keep this #mentalhealthawareness #campaign on the road.

Thank you to Olga Niewiadomska, for all your help with the outreach work I was doing as a #GlitterFaerie.

We engaged in some very important conversations about mental health with people, whilst spreading #positivevibes and making them sparkle, including someone interested in being on the new #podcast! 🥳🤩

Also, thank you to the new members that have joined the community here: Amy Chandler William Ford and John Grainger.

A massive thank you to everyone who sparkled for mental health awareness today and your kind contributions towards this ongoing campaign.

And of course thanks to the wonderful Beau from Be Luminous for all the knowledge you share with me and inspiration to go on this journey of inner work.

I wish you all a nice, restful Sunday and an inspiring week ahead.

May peace, love and positive vibes be with you all!

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