Malvern Pride pictures, last weeks campaign summary and #sparkle4mha launch.

So here’s a few photos from my community outreach as ”Glitter Faerie” at Malvern Pride.

I spoke to lots of people and made them sparkle for mental health awareness, which led to some real and meaningful conversation about an important topic but doing it in a bright colourful and sparkly way to help break down stigma and for those who were sparkling it was a a conversation starter and made the topic of mental health awareness visible, colourful and approachable.

With that in mind I’d like to officially launch the VibeSpace ”sparkle for mental health awareness” campaign.

So if you have any pictures of yourself having been visited by the Glitter Faerie, please could share them on your social media platforms with the hashtag #sparkle4mha.

Hopefully, if enough of us do this we can get it trending and reach more people.

If you wish to make a donation to the campaign to help me keep it on the road, please make a donation using the form below:


Make a one-time donation

Make a monthly donation

Make a yearly donation

Choose an amount


Or enter a custom amount


Your contribution is hugely appreciated and helps me keep the campaign on the road.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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As you can see from the insight images campaign growth has been very positive this with substantial increases in reach, views and engagement across the board.

The only way I can grow this is with your help, either with technical support for SEO (search engine optimisation) on the website, or by you, the wonderful community I’m trying to reach, inspire and help with this campaign by helping increase its exposure, by inviting your friends to join the community and by sharing the content we put out.

If anyone feels inspired to help in any way, I’d be eternally grateful, or if you wish to discuss getting involved with the campaign further, please send me a message using the form below:

Thanks a million, look forward to hearing from you. May peace, love and positive vibes be with you.

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