VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast – Pilot Episode

I’m over the moon to announce that I now have my very first VibeSpace podcast episode!

I was up until the small hours learning how to use the Anchor FM platform, then recording segments, editing, then overcoming technical problems.

However I’m so pleased to say that I didn’t give up and get frustrated, as previously hot tempered little ol’ bipolar me would’ve got fed up and stumbled at this first hurdle which then would have led to self doubt and procrastination.

I’m pleased to say I’ve come along way since doing all of my inner work, which I have shared over the past week and a little perseverance and patience has paid off!

The episode is a little rough round the edges and lacks complete perfection and finesse I’d ultimately like to have, but this will come with practice and when my financial situation improves somewhat, so I can invest in better equipment, like a proper podcast microphone for a start.

I’m so excited to have made this step forward with the campaign, so without further ado it gives me great pleasure to be able to share the very first episode of the VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast with you all.

Please check it out using the link below:

I really hope you enjoy listening to a background of my story into becoming a mental health awareness campaigner.

if you’re interested in being on the show please drop me a message using the form below:

Thanks for reading and listening, may peace, live and positive vibes be with you, wishing you an empowering day!

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