Episode 2 of the VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast

Today interviewed Richard Fletcher from Rich Perspective Photography.

We met at Malvern Pride on the 30th July 2022, where he was commissioned as the official photographer.

I was on location spreading positive vibes and mental health awareness as a glitter faerie, he captured this photo of me:

We got talking about a variety of things but we had an important conversation about how we overcome our struggles with mental health by embarking on a new and more creative path in life.

We felt inspired to work together and co-create a podcast episode to discuss this further and share this story further to offer hope and inspiration to others.

Please check out the full interview below:

To explore the work that Richard does, please head over and have a look, you can find him on his website, Facebook, or Instagram. Links below:

Website: https://www.richperspective.co.uk





I really hope you enjoy the episode!

May peace, love and positive vibes be with you all, have an empowering day!

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