Rainbow Camp Report

Wow, what a beautiful 11 days!

Thank you so much to the organisers of Rainbow Summer Camp for a truly wonderful experience!

What a nourishing and healing, but very busy time. I was on-site supporting the kitchen team for most of the gathering.

In the last couple of days managed to host a VibeSpace workshop, where 3 people came along to explore being creative as a means of overcoming mental health struggles.

I was also able to do some campaign fundraising on-site, where I held a raffle for my beloved David Bowie print by an artist called “Stephen Pablo” whom I met at UPTON BLUES FESTIVAL back in 2019.

I’ve been custodian of this stunning piece for 3 years and it’s vibrancy has bought me much joy, but owing to embracing a more nomadic way of life, I need to reduce my possessions, which has meant letting go of my attachment to my art collection…

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets and gave me cash donations, I was blown away by everyone’s kindness and generosity.

I’m truly humbled and filled with gratitude that the fundraising was a great success and I managed to raise £315.95, which included a £100 donation from the fabulous event organiser Sue.

And also a heartfelt thank you to the organiser of Thelki Festival for their £100 donation too!

I can now invest in some campaign equipment I desperately need; like a new roller banner, some marketing materials and an all important podcast microphone which I can use for the VibeSpace mental health podcast, perhaps some new signage for the van too.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone I met and the organisers for a transformational 11 days, in a gorgeous field near Westbury-On-Severn and for believing in me and supporting the campaign.

Congratulations to Peter Durston who was the lucky winner, with ticket number 89!

We also had a carnival and a beautiful ceremony at the Rainbow Summer Camp, both were absolutely wonderful!

Here’s a few other of photos I found in the beautiful album I shared earlier, photos were taken by Squiff Eye (you’ll see his photos with the watermark).

Behold, Brendan Barry in his fabulous tie-dye wedding dress and myself in my tie-dye old The Savile Row Company work shirt.

It felt really empowering and liberating to have reclaimed and repurposed this plain white garment from my corporate office job life, which came to an abrupt end, following my #mentalbreakdown in late 2014.

It’s very symbolic of me “practicing what I preach” by using creativity as a means of overcoming our #mentalhealthstruggles.

Sending out peace, love and positive vibes to you all! Xx

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