We’re Hiring!

Hey hey!

This quote resonates with me after reminiscing back to 2018, when I started the campaign with the VibeVan”

The mission was to “spread peace, love, positive vibes and mental health awareness by connecting to people through music.”

The VibeSpace mission is similar (the peace, love and positive vibes bit) however with VibeSpace Mental Health, I’m exploring creativity as a means of overcoming our mental health struggles. This is the format of both the workshop and the podcast.

The end goal and vision of the campaign however, remains the same:

“To bring about a positive change revolution to U.K. mental healthcare, by setting up music events with free to user on-site mental health support, and positive mental well-being workshops in places where people experience stress (workplaces, educational institutions etc).”

I’m now in a position with the campaign to develop a team of people, (on a volunteer basis initially) to help me achieve this goal.

I’ve got people behind the scenes offering me accounting support, filming, street campaigner costume design but VibeSpace Mental Health also needs:

  • Admin support
  • Qualified Mental health professionals
  • Lead generation for services we offer (3rd image)
  • SEO and website developers
  • Podcast guest headhunters
  • Street campaigners
  • Door to door campaigners
  • PR support (contacting media outlets to pitch for campaign media mentions).
  • General help and support with organisational stuff -( a PA I guess? We’ll think of a more fun job title than that!)

So if you’re excited by the idea of being part of a forward thinking, community focused, fun filled, welfare oriented organisation with a BIG vision and HUGE potential please read on:

Scale of problem – around 18 million people in U.K. (1 in 4) will have a MH problems

Scale of solution – £100 per person per month (est.) need to generate £1.8 BILLION P/M!🤯

It’s a huge #opportunity to expand into & help lots of people! 🥰

If you’re as excited as I am to take this challenge on, please reach out read the screenshot of the Instagram story below:

Then complete the form below and I’ll be in touch to introduce myself and hear your 1 minute elevation pitch! 💚

Together, we can #bethechange we wish to see in the world! 🌍

May peace, love and positive vibes be with you! 🥰🧚🏻🌈💚x

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