Prof Joanna Moncrieff: Pre- Interview Elevation Pitch.

Professor of Critical and Social Psychiatry at UCL

Hey hey,

Please invite everyone you know to follow the campaign! This upcoming interview is going to be HUGE and needs to be heard by as many people as possible!

I invite you to listen to Episode 5 of the VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast, it’s an elevation pitch, which gives you the details about the upcoming Prof Joanna Moncrieff!

On the 25th October at 17:30, This interview has now been postponed to the 10th November at 18:00, when I will be interviewing Joanna, learning about the ground breaking studies conducted by Joanna, a professor of psychiatry at University College London surrounding the misinformation that a “chemical imbalance” is a cause of depression.

You can read the article in The Guardian and the study here:

It will be an incredibly inspiring and empowering interview, which will provide guidance to patients who are currently taking pharmaceutical medication to help manage their mental health and may be experienced horrible side effects or worse still withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop taking them…

I invite you to ensure you have a pen and paper to hand and take some notes, when you listen to the interview once it is live, as you will have a strong proposal to go and speak with your GP to begin weaning yourself off them!

Under NO circumstances does VibeSpace Mental Health advise you to stop taking any medication WITHOUT seeking the advice from your GP.

These medications are very physically and psychologically addictive and you will experience terrible withdrawal symptoms. I speak from experience, believe me!

A potential good strategy to explore with your GP is called weaning, “stair-casing” or tapering. This is basically gradually reducing your dosage over a prolonged period of time, to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and physical effects on your body, like brain shocks etc.

Your GP or psychiatrist will be able to advise you further… There is also some further reading here.

As the NHS is drastically understaffed and underfunded, there will probably be a couple of weeks waiting list for an appointment, so you can book it and get the ball rolling ahead of this interview going live on the 25th October 2022 new postponed date of 10th November 2022.

In the meantime, I invite you to please check out the VibeSpace website and read all of the content I’ve put on here.

Follow the campaign on Facebook & Instagram with @VibeSpaceMH

And join the free peer to peer support group.

Please could you also consider supporting the campaign by making a regular contribution the campaign to allow me to continue this important work I do.

A small donation of just £5 or £10 per month will really help me keep this campaign on the road, secure it’s future so we can work towards providing help and support to you, the wonderful community. So please don’t delay, sign up to support the campaign today and together we can #bethechange we want to see in the world! 🌍

Securing this funding will enable us the resources we need to travel around the country (or the world) to enable us to interview more inspiring people to share their incredible stories that will EMPOWER you to achieve positive change in your life! 🙌

I have a substantial drive ahead of me now, around 5 hours, so going to get ready for that!

May peace , love & positive vibes be with you on your journey!

Have an empowering day!

Princess Vibes! 🎙🌍🌏💫☮️💚🙏x

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