Exciting New Campaign Update & Princess Vibes’ InCircles Christmas Concert Poetry Performance

I’m delighted to announce that I was invited by the founder of InCircles & Thelki Festival to share some poetry.

I decided I’d share some with a festive, but thought evoking tone to it.

So I wrote six new stanzas (which I named “Festive Suggestive” & added it to the beginning of my “New Year New Me” to create a full impactful message to share with the audience.

The show was over 2 days (Thursday & Friday, 15th & 16th December) I was only initially supposed to be performing on the 15th, but they only had 2 attendees in the audience.

It served good as a good practice dress rehearsal for all the acts to perform for each other though, which I enjoyed, as the acts were incredible!

The organisers informed me that there had been some ticket sales for the Friday show, so even though I had work in London on Friday morning, I decided it would be wonderful to see some friendly Gloucestershire faces in the audience & meet some of you in person!

So I decided to go back for round 2 & perform again! I’m so pleased I did, it was such a wonderful experience & has potentially opened the door for further collaboration with both the InCircles team & the event promoters at “Discover DeCrypt” at the St. Mary’s DeCrypt Church on Southgate Street in Gloucester! Here was the Insta story I shared of the finale

I did a substantial amount of driving over the 2 days, but it’s just as well I enjoy road-trips isn’t it?

It really was a beautiful venue & a very well curated event with lots of great performances!

I’m so pleased to inform the new festive themed poem I’ve written was very well received too; so much so, it led to a discussion about a regular queer spoken word night in Gloucester which is really exciting too!

Here the footage of my performance anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Another observation; LGBTQ+ venues are distinctly lacking in Gloucestershire & there are only limited queer events, so our community is very underrepresented in the county.

This is something I hope to be working on as part of my new appointment as chairperson at the The LGBT+ Partnership Cheltenham; a collective of organisations in Gloucestershire passionate about LGBT+ inclusivity, I invite you read about the organisation here:

It’s an honour to have been appointed in this integral role within the partnership, especially since I started the campaign in Cheltenham in 2018 with “Chan-Dog’s VibeVan (RIP VibeVan).

I’m really delighted to be able to expand my positive contribution to the community by becoming a more integral part of promoting mental health awareness & LGBT inclusivity in the county of Gloucestershire in this new role.

VibeSpace Mental Health is looking to offer LGBT inclusion training, positive mental well-being & corporate morale boosting workshops, with a discount available to organisations that are a member of the allies list at the LGBT Partnership.

If you’d like to make an enquiry about these exciting new services VibeSpace Mental Health will be offering in the new year, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Thanks for reading, may peace, love & positive vibes be with you always.

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