VibeSpace Mental Health Podcast – Episode 8.

In this episode, I dive deep into my mental health, my struggles with bipolar mania, how stressful life situations can all have a cumulative affect on destabilising me, which left unchecked can lead to me to lose control which can & has led to a psychotic break & a rage episode.

In an effort to work through this shadow aspect of myself, I become incredibly vulnerable & explore my triggers & past trauma in more detail, in an effort to help heal these wounds I carry around with me & project on to others.

I had an emotional response in the van at work the other day to the track I share at the end of the episode, so I invite you to stay tuned & listen to the whole episode to the end.

I hope that in me being vulnerable about my struggles with mental health, my trauma & share my story in more detail will offer hope & inspiration to others that it’s okay not to be okay, you are not alone & a problem shared is a problem halved.

I mentioned a bungee video in the episode where I talk about overcoming fears, you can watch that clip here:

If this episode brings up any triggers in you, I invite you to join the peer support group on Facebook or message me via the website if you don’t use Facebook, so we can discuss them & work through them in more detail.

If you feel inspired to share your story to offer hope & inspiration to others to help break down stigma please send me a message.

Please also follow the campaign on Facebook & Instagram with @VibeSpaceMH 

I even now have a fledgling TikTok channel 

If you feel inspired to support me & the work I do with the campaign, please consider signing up as a sponsor

And sign up to the mailing list which you can find on the new landing page

Thanks for reading & for listening to the podcast, have an inspiring day, may peace, love & positive vibes be with you always.

Princess Vibes


VibeSpace Mental Health

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